January 29, 2009

Speed Bumps in Seminole County, where they are, and WHO HAS A VOICE! Click on the NEW logo at left!

Seminole County Speed Bump areas
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Indian Hills, English Estates, English Woods Area.
Eastbrook Area.
Bear Lake Area.
Tanglewood Area.
Eagle Circle Area.
East I-4 and 434 Area.
South St. Area.
Canterclub Trail Area.
Camden Road Area.
Chuluota Area.


An outstanding series of articles on Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was recently published by USA TODAY which contains statistics on the impact of delays in providing EMS to citizens. While Cities and Counties have consistently downplayed the significance of lenthening response times by humps and other deflection devices, this major special report spells out the number of lives that could be saved by even small increments of improved response. The USA TODAY series is IMPORTANT and should be read by all citizens. CLICK HERE to read this outstanding series!

CLICK HERE to see!

Scientist in Boulder, CO proves many more people will die from delay to emergency response by calming devices than vehicles -- speeding or not! See Ronald Bowman's scientific analysis at: http://americandreamcoalition.org/safety/bowman.doc
(NOTE: Some charts and graphs mentioned in appendix no longer available)
Asst. Fire Chief, Les Bunte (retired now) applies Bowman analysis to find same dire predictions for residents of Austin, Texas!
Les Bunte, Assistant Chief of the Austin, Texas Fire Department, has spent years developing a report and has produced an outstanding thesis on traffic calming. If we are going to talk about traffic calming, you need the FACTS! Get them here! You need to read this document! The document is double-spaced and quite easy to read and understand. Read about Les Bunte by clicking on the red star above. Download the free 256 page document by CLICKING HERE
It will take 400 years to save ONE life with speedbumps -- at the cost of many lives in HOUSTON, TEXAS!!
CLICK HERE to read

Bus rider breaks back after bus hits speed hump. CLICK HERE to read

Tom Michalski of the Pinellas Park Beacon provides some important facts about speed humps! CLICK HERE to read

Emily Wilcox, a sedan passenger and victim of speed humps has recommendation. CLICK HERE to read

Speed bumps are killing hundreds of Londoners each year by delaying ambulances, the chairman of the London Ambulance Service says. CLICK HERE to read
Two boys die because of a few SECONDS delay in GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND!!

The news is out! A new, modern and efficient speedbump has been invented by a German scientist and cities all over the world have piled up so many orders that the backlog has run into years! CLICK HERE to see it in action!
   SEATTLE: Response time: 7 mins. Saves 30% of SCA cases.
   NEW YORK CITY: Response time: 12 mins. Saves 2% of SCA cases.
(Report by Kathleen Calongne available below.)
LAWSUITS: Undoubtedly, a large vulnerability lies with the negligence of service delivery. Local governments who intentionally place traffic calming devices, knowing that such devices increase the risk or cause life threatening delays, will be opening themselves to negligent death lawsuits. Such lawsuits are extremely likely to originate by those who lose family members when the emergency services encounters traffic calming devices while enroute to that emergency. As most elected officials know, the court assessed damages for such a negligent death suit can be astounding.


Check out these reports by Kathleen Calongne of Boulder, CO. who has researched traffic calming projects in the US and abroad since 1996. She has compiled her research into a 400 page report and has boiled it down to 7 pages for you. Click on the stars to view (and/or print) each document and learn from a writer/researcher, with a strong interest in issues concerning emergency rescue and response! All documents revised January 2003.

Kathleen spoke recently (April 16-18, 2004) at the Thoreau Institute's conference, "Preserving the American Dream of Mobility and Homeownership" in Portland, OR. A recap of the conference can be found at home.roadrunner.com/~gidusko/texts/recap.htm

By the way, Kathleen's web site, "Seconds Count" containing armloads of facts and figures showing how harmful speedbumps really are, can be found at: http://www.calmingrisk.com/">

CONCLUSION of Kathleen's 400 page study.

Here's something new that has popped up... not having to do with speedbumps, but weird enough for me to include it here. Absolutely crazy! Let's say you are driving around and come up on this gate across the road (the sign says, "Gate opens automatically") what would you do? I can't help but feel that most people would do what I would do... drive somewhere else! This is an issue down in the Florida Keys -- a business man located behind the gates is suffering because the gates are there... and the city put those gates in at behind-the-gate homeowners' requests to "keep visitors off their streets." Never mind the gates open for ANYBODY, it's still a really cockamamie scheme and a gross violation of citizen's rights! Click on the picture on left for the whole story!

The American Dream Coalition web site has some outstanding, professionally written documents by Les Bunte, Jr, Ray Bowman, Kathleen Calongne and others, citing statistics and facts regarding traffic calming. Documents are MUST READ, and pertain most importantly, to life and death involving traffic calming devices. Click on their logo at left for these important documents under "TRAFFIC CALMING!"

Every success against the dreaded speedbumps, no matter how small, is an uplifting experience to us all. Terry Campbell of Omaha, Nebraska has written of his experience in Omaha and has offered some worthwhile suggestions in this day and age of effective budget-cutting. CLICK HERE to read about Terry's unique experience, and other correspondence.

A whole bunch of traffic calming now on Derbyshire Road and Kewannee Trails! Chicanes, curb extensions, pedestrian refuges, we now have them all! The one thing I can say for these things is that they AIN'T speedbumps! We, who live in the neighborhood are deeply grateful to Seminole County for not laying the speedbumps down. (I feel certain that Derbyshire, with 12 speedbumps in 0.8 mile, probably holds the record as Speedbump Capital of the World!) CLICK HERE to see pictures of the 15 new Traffic Calming installations.

Seminole County has allowed us to reproduce the report, "Before and After Evaluation" of the Traffic Calming installation. CLICK HERE to view the report, and if desired, to acquire a smooth Acrobat .PDF copy of same.

A recent Oakland, California paper purporting to show that speed humps make residential streets safer for children actually shows nothing of the kind. In fact, the study's data can even be interpreted to mean that humps make streets more dangerous. Check out a critique of the study now available at the Thoreau Institute web site at: http://ti.org/vaupdate63.html

  It's my understanding that the speed hump phenomena originated in Britain. It looks now that many of the cities that have installed them are taking a second look at them! Derby has flattened 146 of them, Birmingham and Westminister no longer plan to install them. CLICK HERE to read about the downturn in speed hump use!

Here's a city that pulled up ALL of its speedbumps! Would that Seminole County would do likewise! Maybe we need to import some Taliban members! <g> CLICK HERE to read about this daring, forward-looking city!

And... would you believe it? Here's a city that is laying down speed bumps on ALL residential streets!! How'd you like to live in a city like this? I hope this doesn't give Seminole County ideas!<g> Many experts believe the speedbumps create more problems than they solve. CLICK HERE to read about this city. (Free Registration)

When an ambulance service chairman claimed that the lives of an extra 500 heart attack victims could be saved if the city's roads flowed more smoothly, an environment cabinet member said problems of heavy traffic and speed bumps could be beaten if ambulance staff used bicycles!! CLICK HERE to read about it!!

On July 31, 2002, on the 11PM news, Orlando's WFTV Channel 9 did a segment on the grass-roots movement to get rid of the speedbumps in the area! We can't show you the video, but we can let you HEAR it, if you have RealAudio. You can also see some the stills from the video! Channel 9 reporter Dain Weister did a great, even-handed job on the problem! To hear the clip, CLICK HERE!

July 1, 2002 -- Jessica Wehrman, of Scripps-Howard News Service, called me a few weeks ago and wanted to do an article on speedbumps, and wanted to know if I'd chat with her. Is snow white? Her finished product appears in Scripps- Howard papers across the country. You can read the article at the Naples News site here in Florida.   CLICK HERE    to read it. (Dunno how long it'll be there!) I think you'll agree she did a good, balanced article, giving something to both sides. Recently received an email from Gary Ensmenger in Orange County. Gary relates some things that are happening there, and makes a whole lot of sense.   CLICK HERE   


by John Kennedy, Tallahassee Bureau Chief

     TALLAHASSEE -- Sen. Jim Horne said Wednesday that he's tired of having his Mustang convertible rattled by speed bumps when he drives on a Tallahassee street leading to the airport.
     So the Senate's powerful budget chairman has done something about it. He tucked into Florida's $48.3 billion budget a provision that orders Leon County to remove the bumps or lose $458 million in state highway money.
     "Sure, it's micromanagement," conceded Horne, R-Orange Park. "But if you put it up for a vote, I think everybody in the Legislature would vote to get rid of those speed bumps."
(Copyright (c) 2001 Orlando Sentinel)

Wouldn't it be terrific if Sen. Horne didn't discriminate against the REST OF US in Florida and imposed the same provisions on the entire STATE?!!! Why should Leon County enjoy special privileges? Maybe because the politicians have to travel over the bumps? Do you think our county commissioners here in Seminole County would have these bumps if THEY had to travel over them every day? And Sen. Horne is absolutely correct when he says "if you put it up for a vote, everybody ... would vote to get rid of those speed bumps." Why not have Seminole County PUT it up for a vote?

The "Village Fathers" in the subdivision Doral Villages in Pinellas County on the West Coast of Florida came close to a major lawsuit because of a speed bump! CLICK HERE to read about it. Some very good information about speed bumps!

Don't know what the people up in Gainesville are smoking these days, but here is a Wise letter that may shed some light on it! CLICK HERE to read it. It's a letter to the editor of the Gainesville Sun.

Here's another letter from an intelligent and reasonable Gainesville resident explaining in some detail the pros and cons of speed bumps. Kyle Magrill tells it like it is. Check it out because there are many similarities between our neighborhoods! CLICK HERE to read it.

Adding speedbumps to a neighborhood is one way to really polarize it. They have produced honking horns, ramming of cars, and many altercations between neighbors -- a veritable Hatfield- McCoy fued. Read about it here.
CLICK HERE to read it.

Those of you who have read the above, the story of neighbors fighting neighbors, rammed and kicked cars, might enjoy this intelligent and professional document... a letter sent to the Mayor and City Council Members of Los Angeles by noted Kathleen Calongne, a five-year student of traffic calming devices, pointing out the benefits and faults of vertical deflection devices on the roadway. CLICK HERE to read!

You can bet your bottom dollar that Eric Schneider and Jessica Rice are no great fans of speedbumps! There is no way that low rider could negotiate those bumps on Derbyshire! Eric tells me that he is able to raise the body which permits him to negotiate the bumps more easily.

Here is an outstanding 2-page brochure with all the facts about speedhumps, written by Randall Schlecht of Loveland, Colorado, and presented here and made available for download through the courtesy of ROAD ACCESS FOR DISABLED AMERICANS (RADA) and the author. We wish we could make this brochure available as a flyer to ALL homesteads in Seminole County! Since we can't, you'll have to download the brochure RIGHT CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD BROCHURE. When menu comes up, select "SAVE TARGET AS" or "SAVE LINK AS" and note the directory you are downloading to. You need the free Acrobat Reader to display the file. LEFT CLICK HERE for free ACROBAT READER Acrobat Reader will display the brochure for you and permit you to print it, if you like.

     Fed up. Syl LaFata (right)
     and Ken Nelson of the
     [Orange County]
     No Speed Bumps! Committee have
     had enough of bumps!
     (Joe Burbank/
     The Orlando Sentinel)

The Orlando Weekly of August 16, 2000
Rise and fall: As Orange County prepares to spend $500,000 to add speed humps, a car moves slowly over one on Lake Price Drive (photo: Charity)

SPEED TRAPPED, article by Jeffrey C. Billman, an outstanding story about the proposed half-million dollar installation of speed humps in Orlando and some of the problems involved here and in other cities. Click on the star to read about it!

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD -- Letters, reports:

Death of two blamed on speedbumps!
10,000 citizens irate, sign anti-hump petition -- Nov 98
Two writers write speed humps illegal and arbitrary.

Click on the star to see the Orange County, Florida web site!
The citizens of Orange County are fighting the speed humps installation on Lake Price Road. Their web page has many links to other web pages containing a wealth of information on speed bumps.
You gotta be kidding!!! FIVE INCHES HIGH?

Many of us don't think about the special problems that speed bumps provide as significant access barriers to DISABLED persons. ROAD ACCESS FOR DISABLED AMERICANS (RADA) has an excellent web page containing much information relating to these specific problems. It includes some humor, also, as this RV owner said, "Make sure nobody is on the potty when you go over a speed bump." Also, a bumper sticker, "Honk if You Love Peace and Quiet!" We are interested in finding disabled persons who are having problems with the speed bumps. Click on the star above to look at the RADA web site!

Ultimate goal! Pulling up the speed humps!
(Picture courtesy of RADA)

It seems that St. Pete, FL is having its problems with traffic, too. Much talk about installing speed bumps on Spanish Vistas Drive, a convenient shortcut for many. One interesting suggestion made was to install "NO THRU TRAFFIC" signs on the street, cutting off the shortcut. Sounds a lot better to me than the odious speed bumps! Click on the yellow star above to read the article in the St. Pete Times!
AT FIRST GLANCE you would expect traffic calming to raise property prices wherever it is installed... In fact, there is evidence that traffic-calming measures may even reduce the investment value of a house or apartment, says David Rudnick, The Times, September 20, 2000, in "Humps and Bumps Can Drive Buyers Away."
      He adds, "Road humps in particular can cause noise and fumes as drivers brake and then accelerate away from them. This may not be immediately apparent when prospective buyers call to see your residence, but if they find themselves stuck behind a bus or delivery vehicle on the way they will notice all right!"
Some Real Estate experts say that the nominal loss in value of a house near a speedhump is about 8%. (That's $8,000 on a house worth $100,000!) And it takes longer to sell the house.

In 1978, The Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) said this about speed bumps:
California courts have held public agencies liable for personal injuries resulting from faulty designs. Increased hazard to the unwary; challenges to the dare-devils; disruption of the movement of both emergency and service vehicles; and undesirable increase in noise, have caused speed bumps to be officially rejected as a standard traffic control device on public streets and alleys. Click on the star to read.
Note that the state of California holds public agencies liable for personal injuries and accidents caused by speed bumps.
Houston, Texas has a wealth of information on speed humps on its web page. Says its speed humps save one child's life in 400 years, but causes the death of many others in so doing. Includes emergency vehicle statistics from all over the country, and a veritable plethora of reasons WHY YOU DON'T WANT SPEED HUMPS! You can even pick up a neat bumper sticker for a buck! Click the red star to check it out!

AATC -- Americans Against Traffic Calming -- has a most complete collection of speed hump problems, tells how many towns have gotten rid of speed humps, a story of English buses that won't travel on road with speed humps -- a veritable gold mine of information from all over the world! Click on the red star to see it!
This guy says he blows his horn over every speed bump -- says he has to do his part to announce his presence to any little urchin within earshot that he is coming down the road (We don't know if that is a good idea). Read his comments by clicking on the yellow star.

From England, comes these charges against speed humps! Dumb, Dirty, Decibels, Damage, Destructive, Distraction, Diversion, Dazzling, Discomfort, Danger, Discriminatory, Disabling, Delay, Dicredited and Deadly. One of which dileniates the death of a girl in 1994, caused by speed bumps. You gotta check this one out -- click on the red star and see!

The STOP CHICKEN LITTLE Speed Hump Information Site -- in Portland, Maine -- one of the worst traffic calming disasters in the nation! And it could happen here in Seminole County, too! (This web site is temporarily down.)
Seminole County Commissioner Maloy now reports in an email that 90% of the citizens in a neighborhood is now required before speed humps are installed. It now seems that we are safe from the annoyance of new installations, however, we've got to get rid of the bone-jarrers that we presently have. Click on the star to read Commissioner Maloy's email.

"BUMP AND GRIND" by Katy Reckdahl is an article appearing in Minneapolis/St. Paul's CITY PAGES. It seems like "An urban design trend rattles tempers and suspensions." Click on yellow star above to read it.

We are not a fan of ANY form of Traffic Calming -- a negative approach, at best... BUT it is important to realize that there are OTHER forms of TC... which are less catastrophic than speedhumps!!! We don't need to affect emergency vehicles! Click on each thumbnail below to see a large picture of other forms of TC:

All photos courtesy of Portland, Oregon web site at:
Click Here to visit that site!

Here are some other alternative approaches to speed humps. The use of these pot hole mats could be rather humorous at first, but I think the effectiveness of them would deteriorate when the local teen age speedsters caught on... and then proceeded to steal the mats!

And now here is a serious suggestion which I think is economically feasible... RADAR DRIVER FEEDBACK SIGNS like this one!    I don't know how much speedhump design and installation with parts and labor would come to, but at a cost of less than $2700,   I'd think the cost of the signs would be somewhat comparable.   The signs work on a 12 volt battery or can be hooked to standard AC power. The signs are the most vandal-resistant signs on the market.   Seems to me that the powers that be should get a hold of Richard Garrett at RGarrett@radarsign.com or web page www.radarsign.com and get more specific information. I commend Seminole County for trying to avoid the installation of new speed bumps, but here is a possible replacement for those bodacious speedhumps that are already laid down -- particularly on Derbyshire where there are 12 speedhumps within 0.8 mile! This could be a WIN-WIN situation for everybody! Click on the blinking sign on the left to see the economics of these little radar signs!!

The finest motorist's page on the web, bar none! The National Motorists Association... a two-fisted, knock down-drag out organization that is largely responsible for getting rid of the 55 MPH speed limit in the country. It advocates, represents, and protects the interests of American motorists. If You Drive, the NMA Represents You! The NMA has stands on a number of motorist problems -- take the time and read many of the pages linked there -- This is one organization that protects you! Click on the yellow star and check it out!

The Answer guy in Houston has all the answers. Here's a baker's dozen of more reasons to get rid of speed humps! Click on the red star to view them.

   This is a little bit off topic for this page, but I gotta say that unnecessary multi-way stop signs waste millions of gallons of gasoline every day!!! And it seems Orange and Seminole counties sure have their share of them! Would you like to see what the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices -- Millennium Edition says about the requirements for the placement of multi-way stop signs? If you'll look at these requirements, you'll imagine that most of them in residential areas in your neighborhood are unnecessary and should be removed! I can name quite a few! CLICK HERE! to read a short blurb about the requirements for placing multi-way stop signs!


A very excellent web site in an English city where 88% rejected the bumps, but got them anyway!

Tweety Bird shaped speedbumps? OK, as long as he's painted yellow!

I'll buy these custard-filled speedbumps!

HIGH BUMPS cause car scrapes.

How about adding more speedbumps between some existing ones?

All removed speedbumps sent to Palenque, Mexico

(Links to other speedbump web pages welcomed!)


    There are many more people in a neighborhood who oppose speed humps than there are who want them. The vocal minority that want them has convinced the County Commissioners by their loud and long wailing for them, and the county has installed the speed humps. And how! Now the county is replacing older bumps with newer, bigger, and bone-jarring ones, impossible to travel over at 25 mph, the speed limit in residential areas. The recent additions to Derbyshire (between 17-92 and 436) and to Eastbrook Blvd (between Aloma and Howell Branch Road) are outrageous and unacceptable!

     The bumps are extremely annoying, uncomfortable and cause road rage. In a democracy, the guilty are punished -- but in speed bump land, everyone is punished. There are better ways to control speedsters. Just because the bumps are one of the most economical ways doesn't mean they are the best way. The bumps are hurting real estate sales in the area. Additionally, they are causing ambulances and other emergency vehicles to either slow down excessively or take longer, alternate routes. In either case, the delay could be fatal to YOU or someone you love.

     Please email your commissioners and let them know how you feel about them! In all probability, the commissioners have never travelled on these new bumps and don't really know what damage they are doing when they OK the installations. Your voice needs to be heard and needs to be counted! Don't let the few noisemakers dictate the rules for the majority!! Use your own words or use the sample letter below, but WRITE!

You can learn something about each county commissioner and find email addresses on this web site: http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/bcc/ http://www.seminolecountyfl.gov/bcc/

COMMISSION DISTRICT BOUNDARIES have been changed in 2001! Significant changes have been made to districts, you may have been moved to another district!
CLICK HERE for map showing your district number in Seminole County.
If you live near a boundary edge, maybe you better check the legal descriptions of the boundaries by CLICKING HERE .
CLICK HERE for sample letter/email.

Drop me an email!    JGidusko@cfl.rr.com

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