Eastbrook Blvd.
Betty St.
Tangerine Ave.
   9 bumps
21 bumps in Seminole County.



I'm a life line volunteer. I have one older woman who has had three heart failures. The thing that bothers her most is how fast we can get her to a hospital. Winter Park is the closest, but she has instructed me to please use a road without speed bumps. Well, that's not so easy. Tangerine, Eastbrook, Lakemont three of the four choices have speed bumps. That leaves Semoran Blvd./436.

I can find no redeeming thoughts as to why this idea ever got off the ground. It's a bad idea, and an expensive one, that has more political reasons then safety reasons. I've already submitted a letter to the Seminole County attorney's office in support of anyone who may someday file a law suit against the county because of the delay of ambulance service or fire. Mark my word the day will come and the suit will stand on solid ground.

Ernest Hatton
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Ernest Arthur Hatton 2nd.

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