Seminole County certainly believes in overkill! When a few people complained about speeders, they jumped in and laid down some bodacious speed bumps, no matter what the rest of the neighbors thought about them! When someone on Derbyshire complained that the 8-year old bumps weren't doing their job, they PULLED THEM UP, -- and then laid down some BIGGER ones! The ones there now prohibit any vehicle from traveling comfortably at the legal speed limit of 25 miles per hour over them! And there's not a mechanic in the world who will stand up and say that those bumps don't damage your vehicle! Take a good look at Derbyshire on the map above, and just imagine what those bumps do to emergency vehicles... ambulances and heavy fire equipment. What do you think the delay would be? A matter of life or death? A matter of YOUR life or death? Not only should the bumps be lifted, but the speed limit on this well-used highway (a route to 17-92 for the neighborhood) should be raised to 30, maybe even to 35 mph!

Seminole County is charged with the responsibility of protecting its citizens and it chooses to do as little work as possible. It's EASIER to lay down speed bumps than it is to catch and prosecute law breakers! But it punishes us ALL instead of the law breakers! Many of us moved into this area because it was nice -- nice lawns, well-cared for homes ... a beautiful place to spend our retirement years! Seminole County has ruined our area and ruined the quality of life for many of its citizens! Many who are looking for a new home take one look at the speed bumps and head elsewhere. The value of YOUR homes has been diminished and don't let anyone tell you any different!

The email addresses of all the county commissioners are at the bottom of the home page of this web site, along with the area of their responsibilities. Please let them know how you feel about these inconveniencing, detrimental and abominal speed bumps! You wouldn't catch ANY of the county commissioners living in an area with this many speed bumps! Tell them what you think of the bumps and let them know that next election is just a short while away. If they don't help us get rid of these things, we will do our best to get rid of the commissioners who are ignoring us!

Will be glad to answer any questions you may have. You can contact me by phone (407) 834-6360 or by email ( Will be only too happy to talk with you!

Derbyshire Road
Winston Road
Doverwood Road
Dakota Trail
Talbot Road
Falmouth Road
Winnebago Trail
   12 bumps
33 bumps

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